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Parque de atracciones

Parque de atracciones consists of a set of single objects arranged in a system of shelves. The order of the objects is not fixed but can be altered by the artist at any time. This work functions as a store in which the autonomy of the single objects is invalidated. They coexist, they overlap, they interact, they form spaces and interspaces.

The single objects are structured by colored planes and lines. Often, the materials are taken from different contexts. They may be objects found, "poor" things disposed, fragments calling for a reaction.
For example, the simple compositions are determined by the width of the adhesive tape used and have no particular meaning. They are determined by the materials, by structure and texture. A variety of color materials have been used such as pigments, beeswax, varnish, oil, and acrylic paint.

The focus is on exploring the principal painting possibilities, beyond abstraction and reflection. The color surfaces are matt or glossy, lucid, opaque, coarse, smooth, soft, hard, etc. Traces of the working process are kept on purpose, they tell how the objects have been made and by which tools.

When the light is changing at different times of the day, shadows come and go creating additional lines and patterns. Areas are darkened, colored edges are reflected to the walls, while other surfaces reflect the light hiding their coloredness. There is a changing interaction between object, light, and space. The system of shelves makes the work appear provisionally and, due to its simple structure, it opens a space of possibilities -- born of a working situation that creates surprising
correspondences when things and materials are put down. The shelf assigns a location to the things.